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Financial management and forecasting to keep business on course

About us

Your financial forecasting partner

Purdey was founded on the recognition that businesses benefit greatly from robust financial systems and analysis, forecasting and reporting. Our outsourced finance, analytics and planning service helps you attract investment and manage capital better.

What we do

Strategic CFO and financial anaylsis

Purdey is a financial advisory company that offers businesses strategic CFO services, financial planning and analysis, shareholder registry, reporting, bookkeeping, accounting, risk management and governance processes. Whether employing our comprehensive outsourced finance department or individual services, Purdey provides you unparalleled financial support so that your business can make informed decisions and stay ahead on all financial affairs.



Forecast accurately, grow strategically

Our proprietary software makes communicating your business performance to multiple stakeholders simple and intuitive. 


Meet the team behind Purdey

Our experience spans business analytics, financial forecasting, governance and planning. We are committed to delivering quality results for all our clients and strive to make top-level financial analysis accessible to all high-growth private businesses – not just billion-dollar companies.

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