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Forecast accurately, grow strategically

Getting tangible and accurate information to the key members of your business can enable quality decision faster - that is transformational for your success.

PurdeyApp is cloud software that makes communicating your business performance to multiple stakeholders simple and intuitive.

As a forecasting and analysis tool, PurdeyApp has been built programmatically for ultimate flexibility. It can triangulate both financial and non-financial data from multiple sources, and is tailored to the unique operations of your business.

We believe a forecast is only as good as your ability to measure it – that’s why every forecast data point produced by PurdeyApp maps an actual result.

The core capabilities of PurdeyApp include:

Custom report publishing to different stakeholders, e.g. management, board and investors

Report readership analytics by user to track engagement

Role-based access with the ability to set varying levels of detail for different teams, all derived from the same dataset

Three-way accounting forecast models and consolidation of actual results from multiple entities and currencies

Forecasts and actual results aligned line by line

So how does it work?

01Capture your Performance

PurdeyApp connects and structures your data. With 500+ data connectors, PurdeyApp can sync with your cloud accounting and business operation software.

02 Forecast  your future

PurdeyApp is powered by a calculation engine that builds models from first principles or trends in existing data.

03 Create scenarios

Because the future is unknown, it's good to test different assumptions. Multiple scenarios can be updated seamlessly through the model and viewed side by side.

04 Report your progress

Share your actual results periodically with your key stakeholders, compare them to your forecasts and track their readership and engagement.

Got a question?

Behind PurdeyApp is a powerful calculation engine that can build models from first principles and trends in existing data sets.

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