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Navigate the increasingly complex financial landscape with the team from Purdey on your side. Our comprehensive suite of services offers unparalleled financial support so that your business can make informed decisions and stay ahead of all financial affairs.


Your outsourced finance department

Take control of your financial position, set your business up to scale and significantly enhance the valuation of your business with our outsourced finance department. As our core offer, our outsourced finance department assembles leading experts in the industry to deliver exceptional financial expertise, robust analytical systems and transformative business support.


Available on an interim or permanent basis, our complete solution includes strategic CFO advisory, bookkeeping, shareholder registry management, accounting and tax services, financial planning, analysis and reporting.

Robust systems

  • Streamlined financial processes and latest technology

  • Accurate and up-to-date financial data for informed decision-making

  • Seamless integration with your existing systems for a hassle-free experience

Expert analysis and guidance

  • In-depth analysis and interpretation of complex financial information for strategic insights

  • Personalised guidance from experienced professionals, with tailored strategies to optimise your financial performance

Low management requirements

  • Our experts handle the intricacies of financial management, reducing your workload

  • Clear and concise reports that highlights key financial metrics

  • Regular updates and consultations to keep you informed and in control

Individual services

We're your financial forecasting partner.

Retained forecasting and reporting

Get a comprehensive financial model of your business using our proprietary software, PurdeyApp. Know your current consolidated financial position at a macro level, with the ability to drill into specific account lines when necessary. As your business grows and changes, the model adapts, undergoing periodic updates and refined forecasts through direct consultations with your executive team. Additionally, our service encompasses the provision of monthly reports tailored for board members, investors and ESG requirements, as needed.

Strategic finance advisory

Engage our expert team to support your financial strategy, structuring and decision-making processes. Our advisory service includes analysis of pricing structures, various economic environments and capital raising options as well as presentations at executive, board and investor meetings.

Data and accounting projects

Do you have dataset with embedded information you can extract or manual monthly accounting processes? Our team excels in carrying out data analysis projects that enhance your understanding of the business, enabling you to make well-informed decisions for improved outcomes. Our projects team can help create automation and analysis to streamline cumbersome manual process, extract insights from large datasets or produce recurring accounting processes as revenue accruals.

Transaction support

Are you taking on debt, equity investment, selling your business or making an acquisition? The Purdey team can support you through your transaction, from preparing for the due diligence, to financial projections, presenting and negotiating with the external party.

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